Using TikTok to Educate and Prevent Smoking

Rompe 1 Cigarro

The challenge

The Ministry of Health created the #Rompe1cigarro campaign for adolescents to prevent and raise awareness about the danger of cigarette smoking.


The solution

MTG created a campain targeting children ages 10-14, focusing on the most popular social network for their demographic: TikTok. We worked with Chilean influencers such as Ignacia Antonia, Itay Vargas, and Tati Fernandez, who encouraged users to generate content by breaking a cigarette.

The campaign was well-received on TikTok and Instagram.

  • Main platform for content dissemination, where we target the followers of Ignacia Antonia, Itay Vargas, Tati Fernandez.

  • Secondary platform, used for traffic diversion and for communication with other entities.

The Results


Users uploaded more than 200 videos for the challenge.


The hashtag #break1cigarro has 10M views on TikTok.