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Influencer marketing Tik Tok campaign for the Chilean Government, with 10M views.

Success Cases PreviewRompe 1 Cigarro

Marca Aruba

Together with the Aruba tourism authority, we worked on global initiatives such as #HeSaidYes or #YouNeedAruba.

Success Cases PreviewAruba


Together with YouTuber Michael Quesada and HP Central America, we turned a product review into a success story through audiovisual production, influencer marketing, and paid media.

Success Cases PreviewHP Go Big SSD


To promote the opening of a new Palladium Group TRS hotel, we celebrated Pampita's 40th birthday at the hotel for an entire week. We generated 1500 reservations resulting from a single week of content creation.

Success Cases PreviewPampita


We partnered with Latam Airlines and the Las Vegas Convention Center to create the official campaign video, along with the strategy and execution of an influencer marketing campaign to accompany the first direct flight from Sao Paulo to Las Vegas.

Success Cases PreviewLas Vegas

FUAS 2020

Campaign created for the Chilean Ministry of Education, promoting the student benefits and gratuities website, www.fuas.cl.

Success Cases PreviewFuas


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Thanks to our expertise in Latin and Central American markets, respected companies such as McDonald's, Delta Airlines, The Las Vegas Convention Center, HP, and LG Electronics trust in us to design and execute their performance campaigns.

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With the desire to innovate and disrupt the communications industry, MTG launched Latin America's first influencer marketing platform in 2015. This revolutionary service opened doors to international agencies such as Omnicom, Dentsu Aegis, and Publicis.

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